Logistics Division

Kanematsu L&I will offer you individualized, comprehensive services to meet your logistics and Insurance needs.

Kanematsu L&I believes that there are as many methods of logistics as there are types of businesses. The globalization of business has accelerated rapidly in recent years. That is why Kanematsu L&I offers you not only multimodal cargo transportation services, but also comprehensive logistics services that correspond to your specific business needs.

Company Concept

Your First Choice - Kanematsu L&I

Our Service Profile

  • 1International Freight Forwarding by Air & Sea

  • 2Documentation on behalf of clients

  • 3Export/Import Customs Clearance

  • 4Export/Import License Processing

  • 5Pick-up & Delivery

  • 6Letter of Credit Negotiation

  • 7Export Packing & Warehousing

  • 8Logistics Engineering & Design

  • 9Stock Control

  • 10Compliance Support

  • 11Marine Insurance apply

  • 12Transport Option Analysis


Global Network

We have established a global network in more than 50 countries worldwide.


South Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand,
Viet Nam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, India, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia


Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Greece

North America・South America

USA, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru


Australia, New Zealand


Egypt, Ivory Coast, South Africa