Message and Philosophy

Message from the President

“Kanematsu Logistics and Insurance” was established in April 2010 as a 100% group company of Kanematsu Corporation, one of the biggest general trading companies in Japan.

We provide one-stop services for international and domestic logistics by sea and air, as well as well-known insurance such as automobile, and fire, and specialized insurance such as marine, credit insurance, P/L, cyber, and directors' and officers' indemnity. Our experiences and knowledges as a subsidiary of trading company helps us to provide the accurate solution and service to our valued clients.

Handling wide range of products and businesses, from familiar commodities such as food and apparel to aircraft and space-related products, you will find our appropriate proposals - We are the customer-oriented company, and our goal is to contribute to the customer growth and success.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Mariko Arai, President & CEO

Corporate Principle of Kanematsu Corporation

"Let us sow and nurture the seeds of global prosperity."

"Sow a seed now," and take action to benefit people around the globe, bade our founder, Fusajiro Kanematsu, setting standard of public duty that we at Kanematsu continue to uphold through a commitment to ethical business principles and corporate responsibility. The beliefs and philosophies that inspired Fusajiro Kanematsu in the late nineteenth century Meiji period, a time when Japan was striving to build national economy, were encapsulated in the document Our Beliefs: Kanematsu's Guiding Principles in 1967, on the occasion of our merger with The Gosho Company.

Our commitments to customers

Inheriting the values of Kanematsu Corporation, we aim to have a unique presence as an insurance and logistics company.

  • We are the partner you can reply on

    We will provide high-quality insurance services and efficient logistics solutions, placing the highest priority on the safety of our customers. Always try to meet the needs of our customers, even in fast changing business environment.

  • We contribute to society

    Contributing to the society is our most important duty. We will work with local communities to develop sustainable business.

  • We have global view and respect for diversity

    We actively engage in international issues, and respect diverse backgrounds and cultures.

  • We grow together with customers, with our staffs

    We will create an environment where our employees can work energetically so that they can be chosen as the best partner for our customers.


Kazuhiro Fukushima


Chiharu Takamori


Mariko Arai

Managing Director

Koji Ishii